Trapped by the allures of a casino? Here’s how to get out

As interesting as it can be, one can easily get trapped in a casino. This can be a full grown person of reasoning and gambling age, sobe,r and in their full senses, with money, and without any debt. While many people of able pockets enter and leave the casino with great ease, the person bearing these descriptions may lack just three things: self control, strong will, and determination. This is the person swept by every appetite, and especially the need and urge to get more.

Casinos specialise in luring such people. Mostly, they are middle income individuals, new to gambling, and trying to afford a life that was previously only a dream. The posh and comfortable feel of a casino with waiters and waitresses moving up and down, and people celebrating winning moments together, create an illusion of a world that only money can access. Also, the fact that every possible need is catered for, leaves such a person with no reason to leave.

Each time they set out to exit the casino, they encounter a new vision of a possible thrill. Because they live to enjoy such little moments, every time they encounter a gaming machine their craving for a game shoots up. While their minds record that it will only last 5 minutes, the time never ends. And each time they give in to the five minute urges, they lose their will to move forward. They can even give up the moment when they are just at the door, but because everything is the same, and there is no signpost informing guests of where the door is, they lose it until their entire monthly earnings are gone. The only way for such people to leave a casino is to pretend they are so sick that they need to be carried, eyes closed and in a stretcher, never to return.