How casinos keep customers awake and engaged

How casinos keep customers awake and engaged

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Cash or credit card in a casino?

Cash or credit card in a casino?

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If given a free gift in a casino, think twice

If given a free gift in a casino, think twice

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Never play to win

The investment that goes into making casinos comfortable for players is undoubtedly huge. Aside from the lighting and sound, everything appears to promote the desire to win. In fact, a win is overly amplified. Everything appears to come to a standstill when one hits the jackpot. Not only does the machine sounds an alarm, but everyone has to stop and celebrate the moment. Why then shouldn’t someone pursue winning?

Such moments are meant to increase the desire to spend

It is normal for humans that when someone wins big, everyone is motivated to compete, and perhaps also win. The inbuilt jealousy within each person will make them redesign their strategy, and increase their desire to pursuit winning, which may never happen.

Every machine is programmed to have some wins

Although the strategy of a player does count, the machines are also programmed in a way that one can win a smaller amount. These small wins encourage them to play more, thus losing more than they ever won in the long term.

Every machine is programmed to display near wins

In every machine, players will eventually come to a point where they appear to have almost won. This lightens them up, bringing the feeling that if they polish their strategies or even make larger bets, their chances of winning may increase. In the end, all they do is come closer to or win smaller values, unequal to what they have lost.

Those playing table games are never really in control

Winning moments can create an illusion that those playing table games have an edge against the house. However, the probability of losing is just as much in the slot games.

All these imply that to avoid the pain and regret of losing, patrons must only frequent casinos as a way of relaxing, refreshing, enjoying oneself and socialising and never to win. To them, a win is only an added advantage.

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