Next time you visit a casino, don’t forget your compass

When it comes to direction, women are usually described as having some kind of natural instinct, and superior remembrance. On the other hand, men are described as proud, and never wanting anyone to know they are lost. Casinos have majored on this. They are designed in such a way that neither instinct nor determination can be of much help in finding one’s direction. Perhaps, the only instrument they are yet to beat is a compass.

Low ceilings

Modern-day casinos are designed with low ceilings that keep players from noticing any possible landmarks.

Tall gaming machines

Gaming tables are always fewer than the slot machines. As many as the slot machines are, they are arranged in a similar manner throughout the huge hallway. These machines can be as many as 1,000 to 3,000. One, therefore, cannot tell, by which gaming table, they ought to make a turn.

Services are deep within the building

People who want to outsmart casino designers may already be thinking of playing just by the door. Because slot machines no longer accept coins, one needs to load digital points to play. The cashier is situated deep within the building where one cannot tell from which direction they came in. And if one is lucky enough to master this path, then probably they may not master the path to the restaurant, or even the washrooms. Everything looks the same.

How does this loss of a sense of direction profit the house? Simple. With every turn one makes, he/she keeps seeing the machines, they are enticed to gamble and therefore, is more likely to remain inside rather than leave the building. This trick works well even with geniuses or people who frequent the casino so much that they have mastered every corner. The allure of gaming machines does its part in keeping them in.