If given a free gift in a casino, think twice

There’s no single society that condemns gifts. On the contrary, a gift is a way of communicating that one is loved, important, endeared and worthy. It is also a way of communicating gratefulness. A gift is said to open doors, give favours, and even blind one’s eyes.

The blinding aspect may be of the most useful trick of gifts in casinos. In fact, it may be wrong to call the free offers and prizes as gifts. One can correctly refer to them as allures. Casinos are places where people spend money and then regret it. With regret comes an inner hate for what once gave pleasure, or a natural warning to reduce indulgence. If this was to be the scenario in casinos, the industry would be dead. They have, therefore, developed ways to help people spend more, guiltlessly.

Free alcoholic drinks

Casinos, where alcohol is free, are more loved for the generosity of the host. However, behind the numerous free shots, is a motive to ensure that more money returns to the host. First, alcohol is known to enable the slowing down of brain functions. This means that even when someone is not drunk, they cannot make the same quick, sharp, accurate and well-calculated decisions as when they are completely sober. This means that they are more likely to lose their bets. Secondly, alcohol makes people bolder. This implies that people become more willing to take risks and make huge, losing bets than when they are sober.

Free gifts

These come in the form of a loyalty program where frequent gamers are rewarded with a free hotel room, gift voucher, luxurious suites, and food among others. It is a way of blinding the loser, and making them feel that at least they won something. It gives false comfort and keeps big losers enthusiastic about returning to lose their money again.