How casinos keep customers awake and engaged

Leisure activities usually take the shortest time possible. For instance, people don’t swim for half a day, many movies don’t go beyond two hours… Some how, people get bored and decide to engage in other activities, some of which may be damaging to the event. It is a wonder then, how casinos can keep their customers awake and engaged for so long. The entire experience is designed to keep the customers’ mind active, and everything is very intentional.

  • 1. In a casino, people are made to lose consciousness of time

The number one thing that allows boredom to set in is when people realise that they have been doing one thing for so long. Casinos eradicate that by making sure that their customers have no knowledge of time

  • 2. The carpets are designed to keep one’s mind active

The design, colour and patterns on the carpets are made to keep customers’ brains alert and always happy.

  • 3. Pleasing sounds and bright lights

These keep customers hopeful of winning, and the hope keeps them alive.

  • 4. They often get interrupted by sounds of winning

The machines are designed in such a way that when there is a win, even a small one, the machines produce a different kind of sound. This awakens a mind that is almost losing the hope of winning. Also, these interruptions create some sort of relaxation to the mind, which leads to boosting the brain

  • 5. Casinos have a sort of familiarity

Although the games may be difficult enough, and as such requiring a lot of work, they are designed to have familiar characters in movies, and high profile personalities, among others. This kind of familiarity makes the games more interesting, thus increasing the sense of determination

  • 6. Essential services are within

One of the major reasons for boredom, is hunger. Casinos have high end restaurants which serve signature meals prepared by popular chefs. Aside from that, they have washrooms, smoking rooms, bars, hotel rooms… All of these make the player calm, comfortable and worry-free.