Time flies, except in casinos

It is known that when one is engaged in activities, they suddenly realise that a significant amount of time is already gone. What started out as a 30-minute task appears to have taken so long, yet the perceived time is often very short. This scenario causes many people to agree with the phrase: “time flies”. However, there are places in the world where time never flies. It remains constant. One of such places is a casino.

To demystify this scenario, one has to think of what enables us to be conscious of time, or what makes us suddenly think that we have spent more time than we perceived.

  • 1. When one is bored or waiting for something, time never seems to pass. But when one’s mind is fully engaged in an activity, they lose their sense of time. Well, casinos are a perfect example of such environments. Everyone is so engaged that they never see the time really running.
  • 2. People notice time through natural events such as the rising and setting of the sun, the presence of moonlight or even stars shining in the sky. Many times, they only need to check through their windows, or even notice that the natural light keeps growing dimmer and their eyes can no longer take it in. In casinos, there is no privilege of having such views. They deliberately lack windows, and the lighting is constant and comfortable all the time.
  • 3. Time is universally known by a clock. Unless the player comes clad-in with a wrist-watch or puts an alarm just to alert them of when it is time to go, there is no way of telling time. Casinos have no clocks, and their dealers too, never wear watches.

The purpose of doing away with any means of telling time is to keep the players hooked, never worried about what time it is, but just thrilled, enjoying what they have to offer, and to top it up, spending their every coin.

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