Cash or credit card in a casino?

You are seated, bored in the hotel room and wondering what to do next. You have run out of ideas, and it appears that your long vacation is likely to go to waste. Suddenly, a bright idea comes to mind. The casino you just passed by at the entrance of the hotel.

Your mind registers that you need to carry some money, but in what form? Cash or credit card? Perhaps you are thinking it’s all the same since you have been doing all your shopping and paying for your entertainment events using your credit card. Here’s why you need to reconsider carrying your credit card:

In a casino, you need to see your money going

Since the eradication of gaming machines in which people could insert coins, all bets are now placed digitally. All a player needs to do at the start of the game is to buy slots from which they can continually place bets through the game. When the player runs out of these options, they can simply return to the cashier and buy additional slots. Therefore, if one uses physical money to play a certain number of slot games, they can tell that they are already spending too much just by checking how much money they are left with. Moreover, there is an inner pain that one feels each time their physical, hard-earned cash changes hands, which may help in controlling their appetite for gaming.

In a casino, you need to trick your brain that you are entirely broke

The casino experience is very addictive. The cool atmosphere, the ambiance, and thrill can cause one to want to stay forever. When one has made up their mind to leave, each corner of smelling and shinning gaming tables and machines keep beckoning them back. However, the longer one stays, the more they spend. If one only carries physical cash, their brain registers that they can no longer play because all their money is spent.